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Today’s global economy has long outpaced the capabilities of many corporate communications systems. Companies face the challenge of workforces that are distributed yet must work together more quickly and effectively than ever before. In order to remain competitive, employees and customer communities need to actively connect and collaborate to ensure things happen — not in an hour, not sometime tomorrow, but right now.

Unified communications (UC) simplifies how people connect with each other, and with applications, eliminating the challenge of disparate workforces and numerous devices and systems. Presence, real-time and near-real-time communications are unified into a single environment that enables more effective collaboration, faster decision-making, and ultimately, accelerated business processes. But as the traditional line between IT and communications continues to blur, companies are looking for a new type of solution to meet their communications requirements — a solution that is cost-effective, easy to use, support and manage and that will integrate seamlessly into an existing IT environ ment through open web-based interfaces. Now you can stop imagining — Avaya SCS is a unified communications solution that addresses all this, in a simple, easy to use form factor. Avaya SCS not only enables you to use the communication device of your choice to reach who you want, when you want, it also allows you to communications-enable your web-based applications. It’s a solution that can drive down total cost of ownership, provide you with a competitive edge and make life simpler.

Avayal introduces Software Communi-cation System (SCS), a multi-award winning, innovative solution that will establish a new industry paradigm: simple and truly open unified communications.

A call server that's distinctly different

Based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the universal standard for communications interoperability, the future proof SCS has the power to accelerate communications and collaboration between employees, partners and customers.

This advanced yet easy-to-use solution provides robust unified communications capabilities, including secure presence and instant messaging, integrated voice conferencing, unified messaging, single number reachability (i.e., Find Me/Follow Me), desktop-based video conferencing, and tight integration with Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes. Rounding out the SCS solution is a full suite of hard clients, soft phones and application plug-ins.

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SCS raises the bar on unified communications with a system that seamlessly integrates virtually all of your business communications and desktop applications. All for a single, inclusive user fee.

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Based entirely on open communications and Web standards, SCS offers simple integration with your existing Web-based applications and all SIP-based products and applications.

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SCS delivers a top-to-bottom simplicity that's unique in the industry. Employees can control and customize an variety of applications with just a few clicks. And administration is just as quick and easy.

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