Software Communications System

Open Architecture

As the lines between IT and communications blur, doing business requires a new type of communications system-one that's based on open Web standards and also fits seamlessly into an existing IT environment.

That communications system is Software Communication System, or SCS, by Nortel. SCS is based entirely on open-standards Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and uses Web 2.0 interfaces for all management, administration, and end-user capabilities. From a design perspective, SCS is based on services-oriented architecture (SOA), facilitating business process integration and application mash-ups.

When We Say Open, We Mean .


Because it's based on SOA, SCS is not a box that comes with preset features. Rather, its communications features are broken down into their modular, and open, components. Each feature can then independently interface with other applications.

For example, to increase the productivity of a meeting, external information feeds via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) or instant-message services can be integrated directly into a conferencing application.

Redundancy and scalability

The other implication of a SOA-based design is that reliability and scalability can be enhanced for independent features like conferencing, through the ability to deploy each one on its own dedicated server.

Communications-enabled business processes

With SCS, Web-savvy customers and partners can pursue new levels of business-process integration. Here are a just few real-world examples:

. Improve customer service by integrating your customer relationship management system with SCS. When a customer calls, a screen pop appears with all the customer's relevant details (e.g. order status).

. Facilitate communication by enhancing your enterprise Web portal with click-to-call capabilities. Quickly connect customers, partners, and employees with the right staff member.

. Fully automate adds, moves, and changes by integrating your HR database with SCS. Importing a new user or assigning new extensions has never been so easy.

. Resolve network issues quickly by integrating SCS into your existing network operations center to gather and correlate network events.

Freedom of choice

Because SCS is based entirely on SIP, it is fully interoperable with SIP-based products and applications in the industry. Say good-bye to vendor lock-in and hello to building custom solutions that perfectly meet your unique business requirements.

A call server with a community

SCS is unique in that it is developed in close collaboration with an open-source community, SIPFoundry. The real-time peer review and instant feedback that this allows means that we are continually improving SCS. It also helps Nortel stay connected with end users, partners, and developers, and to evolve the solution based on their needs

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