Software Communications System

Deployment and Management

Nortel's Software Communication System (SCS) offers a top-to-bottom simplicity that's unique in the industry. It's easy to install, easy to manage, easy to use-even easy to buy.

When We Say Simple, We Mean ...

All-in-one packaging

SCS is easy for partners to sell because of its packaging philosophy. All users get all features and applications for one sensible, per-user price. No additional core hardware required, no extra applications or license fees.

Efficient installation

SCS installation follows best practices for call servers and is designed for efficient provisioning and configuration, minimizing time spent on-site. It can be deployed on a variety of industry-leading hardware platforms from Dell, IBM, and HP. In certain scenarios, installation can take less than ten minutes. For SCS-supported components, including gateways and phones, the SCS management is centralized, performed directly from the administration interface. This simplifies configuration and overall management.

In-house administration

SCS is simple enough that customers can choose to do moves, adds, and changes in-house. Adding a new user, for example, is a five-step process that takes just a couple of minutes. Managing permissions is a breeze as well, thanks to a sophisticated subscriber management capability. You can put users/devices into groups to control access when required, for example to disable long-distance calls from phones in lobbies or lunchrooms. Another option is to add SCS services such as user conferencing automatically when adding a new user.

Intuitive control for your employees

With SCS, the end user has never had it so easy. An intuitive, integrated portal empowers employees to control and customize all the great UC applications-it takes just a few clicks.

Easy scaling as you grow

SCS supports up to 2,000 users on a single server and scales to several thousand in a multiserver environment. In addition, independent features can be deployed on dedicated servers, which allows you to, for example, double voice conferencing port capacity.

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