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Did you know that SCS was developed in collaboration with an open source community?

The open source community is called SIPfoundry; and it's a non-profit organization with the mandate of promoting and advancing SIP-related open-source projects.  The main focus of SIPFoundry is the sipXecs IP PBX global open source initiative. Nortel continues to support the SIPfoundry sipXecs IP PBX open source initiative as the primary developer, and maintains a close relationship with developers and end users to evolve the SCS solution to better meet our customer needs.

Users and interested parties can submit feature requests, log and track problem reports and monitor solution evolution and releases by accessing www.sipfoundry.org. Subscribe to user mailing lists or other mailing lists of interest. Learn more about our community!

SCS Community Portal

Are you an accredited SCS partner and wanting to share information with other SCS technical stakeholders?   

Make sure you register for the SCS Community Portal.  Join discussion groups, gain access to technical notes and tips, share information with and gain access to demo systems by signing up for access.

Register for an account now at www.nortelscs.com.

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SCS raises the bar on unified communications with a platform that seamlessly integrates virtually all of your business communications and desktop applications. All for a single, inclusive user fee.

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Based entirely on open communi- cations and Web standards, SCS offers easy integration with your existing Web-based applications and all SIP-based products and applications.

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SCS delivers a top-to-bottom simplicity that's unique in the industry. Employees can control and customize an array of applications with just a few clicks. And administration is just as quick and easy.

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